Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Levi for bikers

A bike is a great vehicle to further explore Levi and its surroundings. Some of the cycle tracks in the Levi region are also ideal for rollerbladers. If you want more of a challenge, the panoramic road around the Levi fell is for you.

Borrow a village bike

There are 120 village bikes in Levi for guests’ use in summer and autumn. You can borrow a bike from our hotel reception and return it to any of the official places during opening hours. Everyone can borrow the bike for 24 hours when showing the ID (with photo).

Mountain biking

Levi offers variable on-road and off-road trails for biking. Further information about the mountain biking trails is available at the Tourist Information Centre. You can rent a high-quality mountain or road bike from Zero Point equipment rental you didn't bring along your own. Click here.
Bike Park

In addition to variable on-road and off-road trails, Levi boasts the fastest DH-track in Finland. In the Levi Bike Park, you'll find free-ride, dirt and 4cross tracks among others here.

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