Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Levi for bikers

A bike is a great vehicle to further explore Levi and its surroundings. Some of the cycle tracks in the Levi region are also ideal for rollerbladers. If you want more of a challenge, the panoramic road around the Levi fell is for you.

Borrow a village bike

There are 120 village bikes in Levi for guests’ use in summer and autumn. You can borrow a bike from our hotel reception and return it to any of the official places during opening hours. Everyone can borrow the bike for 24 hours when showing the ID (with photo).

Mountain biking

Levi offers variable on-road and off-road trails for biking. Further information about the mountain biking trails is available at the Tourist Information Centre. You can rent a high-quality mountain or road bike from Zero Point equipment rental you didn't bring along your own. Click here.
Bike Park

In addition to variable on-road and off-road trails, Levi boasts the fastest DH-track in Finland. In the Levi Bike Park, you'll find free-ride, dirt and 4cross tracks among others here.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Everybody say tee!

Golf is a huge thing in Levi during the summer time. Locals love to play this game as do visitors. New golf course and golf club (opened 2003) are few miles away from the centre of Levi.

Playing golf in Lapland has it’s own twist. First of all the landscape is just stunning. Great lakes between clusters of tall trees and the mountain side in the horizon will give players something to gaze at while co-players concentrate on their next swing.

The second twist lies in the sand pit. Or it might just walk in front of you just before you are about to swing. These horn headed creatures are commonly known as reindeers. They are also known to be the most stubborn mammals who don’t really care if they just walked in front of your ball. But there is a rule that will save the player if a reindeer happens to step on his/hers way. Player can pick up the ball and move it a bit without loosing any points.

Hullu Poro welcomes you to enjoy the summer of Levi. We have great summer prizes and exclusive golf packages for those who wish to experience a different way to play golf. Read more about them from our

If you wish to know more about Levi golf click here.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Embrace yourself. The Summer is coming.

”Spring fever, it's Spring fever time
Spring fever, watch that fever climb
Get up, get out spring is everywhere
Spring is everywhere.”
 – Elvis Presley

Finnish people are very lucky to have all the four seasons. We do love our winter wonderland during the high season but now the sun is heating up again and it’s time for the snow to go.

Spring gives Finnish people a lot of energy and a reason to spend more time outside. Winter is a great time in Levi but the long dark period does take its toll when it comes to lack of vitamin D and sunlight.

Now it has come that time of the year when the birds start to twitter and snow is turning into large puddles. Sometimes those puddles turn in to small oceans and our little rivers will flood. However after this the grass will grow back green as ever and new leaves will sprout from tree branches. The most important thing is that the white landscape will now gets it’s colour back after long dark period.

Let the green colour fill this land! We are waiting for you ou summer dear ;)

Read more about Levi’s summer from here.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Film Friendly Lapland

Dear readers,

As you all might have noticed everyone in Hullu Poro considers Lapland to be the best possible place to live. We love to be surrounded by the breath taking landscapes and the calm atmosphere. We are lucky to live in one of the last paradises on this planet.

Locals are not the only ones that consider our nature to be beautiful. Almost every year there are people who visit our region just to capture the moments spent in wilderness of the north.  These “gadget nerds” carry their equipment on top our highest mountains just to show the world that the sky has no limits after the Arctic Circle. These people are commonly known as Film Crews.

Hullu Poro is one of the local companies that have been trough the Film Friendly training by Finnish Lapland Film commission. This means that our personnel has knowledge of the special needs film crews may have and is willing to accommodate them as thoroughly as possible. 

You can read more about Film Friendly status from here.

If you are proud of something you have you might as well share it with the rest of the world! ;)

Welcome and remember to bring your camera.

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Faraway Land of Lapland

In the near future far far away, in distant lands there was a place called Lapland. There were rumours about ancient magic, stories of thousands reindeers and chilling green fire burning in the sky in the winter’s night. Some say the rumours are true because they have witnessed the wonders of Lapland with their own eyes. Some say that they are false because they won’t believe what they haven’t seen.

If you wish to be enchanted by the green fire in the sky and feel the magic of Lapland we welcome you with open arms. If it feels like the distance is unbearable do not feel troubled. There are many ways to reach Levi and it is not as expensive as you would think.

If you wish to fly straight to Levi there are many charter flights all over Europe to choose from. This winter season there is over 35 000 people arriving to Kittilä Airport from abroad. From November till April people can fly straight to Kittilä from Copenhagen, London, Manchester, Zürich, Amsterdam, Moscov and many other big cities of Europe.
Kittilä Airport is located 15 km from Levi and is one of the northmost airports in the world. 

You can also travel via Helsinki. And if you wish to see more of Finland you can also take the train from Helsinki all the way to Kolari. From there you can continue your journey to Levi with a bus or just by renting a car.

Here are few links that will help you to plan your travels:

Where is Hullu Poro? Check our location from here and receive more information about how to reach us. 

Welcome to Levi!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tax free shopping in Levi

In Levi people come and seek the whole experience of Lapland’s own culture. Mostly people seek an adventure in the snow and culinary experiences. In the end people come here to enjoy their hard earned free time. There are also many other ways to spend your time in Levi. You can spend a day in the Day Spa, go on a snowmobile safari or just go shopping.

Shopping especially is something that most women love to do on their vacation. (Well there is also exceptions in men who seek new purchases while on holiday. If not for themselves, souvenirs for wife or a girlfriend is always in order.) Usually people do their last minute shopping in the airports but there plenty of nice gift shops and clothing stores in Levi where you get the same tax free discount.

Shopporo is an exclusive clothing shop that sells brands like Guess, Cream and Jackpot. The most exquisite plus side is that you can receive the same tax free discount that you do at the international airports. You take the receipt from Shopporo at the Global Blue exchange point (there is one at the Kittilä airport) and get money back from your purchases.

You can calculate your savings in Global Blues own website.

More information of the newest products is available on Shopporos own Facebook page.

Welcome to enjoy tax free shopping! 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Winter is now here

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, 
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”
- Sammy Cahn

For the past two weeks we’ve received quite a lot of snow. Last year there was so little of it that we had doubts if there was even going to be a white Christmas. However, this year it’s more than obvious that we will have great skiing season and a very white Christmas.

Snowfall is also great news for the FIS Ski World Cup committee and for all the locals in Levi.  Next week the whole town is filled with excited crowd, press and of course international skiing professionals including our very own Tanja Poutiainen.

Winter is what makes Levi come alive in its true form. We’ve had a gorgeous summer this year and we love the warmth of the summer season. But nothing beats the feeling when the first snowflakes start to fall from the grey sky.  Everyone in Levi has a feeling that this winter is going to be amazing.  Welcome to join us in our winter wonderland!

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